Family Involvement Policy

To keep our families’ levels of involvement active and fresh, we have defined a level of family involvement and instituted an equitable method of evaluation.

  • Families are responsible for 1 hour per full-time child per month per parent/guardian.
  • Parents of part-time children (3 days per week or less) are responsible for 30 minutes per child per month per parent.
  • Parents, NOT staff, are responsible for keeping track of their involvement and noting it on the family involvement charts posted in each room.
  • Involvement will be posted quarterly and follow the calendar school year, starting in September
  • There will be a one-month grace period upon posting credit to appeal valuation/determination. After that period is up, the amount stands official.
  • Involvement will not be carried from year to year; however, extra hours accumulated in the month of August will be applied the following year.
  • Families who do not complete required time by year-end (August 31st) will be assessed a fee based on $20 per hour due (“work or pay”); however, you may pay in full at the beginning of the year for your time, at a rate of $15/hr


  • 1-hour credit = $15 of tangible donation or 1 hour of time spent. Examples, items and event participation valuation:
  • Service on committees or Board of Directors = 2 x time spent
  • Attend Parent Orientation and conferences = 2 x time spent
  • Fall Festival = 2 x time spent
  • Auction donations = time spent to procure or money you spent to procure
  • Working at social functions (e.g. potlucks, picnics, winter concert, auction, etc.) = time spent
  • Cooking, set up and clean up at picnic = 2 x time spent
  • Auction set up and tear down = 2 x time spent
  • Auction night help during auction = 3 x time spent
  • Salmon tank = 2 x time spent (setting tank up for egg arrival, changing tank water, feeding salmon and testing water chemical levels, cleaning tank after salmon release)
  • Field Trips = time spent
  • Time spent in the classroom that involves a group of children, generally arranged in advance with the teacher
  • Work parties/projects = time spent
  • New goods donated (e.g. playdough, materials, toys, packaged food, etc.) = Actual Value ($15 equaling 1 hour of credit)