Gerry’s Retirement

Drive by…Good-Bye Celebration

Dear Families, Friends of FCC and Staff, 

            I have some bittersweet news to share.  After more than 2 decades of love, dedication and service beyond compare…Gerry has decided to retire!  We are all sooooo happy for Gerry!!!  We aren’t quite sure how happy we are for FCC or how we will manage without her.  Gerry holds a special place in the hearts of hundreds, maybe thousands of children and families.  She has been “Mom” to many of the staff and maybe many of you.

            Gerry has more energy than just about anyone I know.  For years she has been able to run circles around me.  Her enthusiasm and love for cooking make her one in a million.  She has a room of cookbooks (literally over 1000) that she would pour over looking for new ideas and ways to inspire the children to try new foods.  Cooking for a crowd was second nature to her.  You might remember Gerry and Lauri cooking spaghetti dinners to raise money for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life, then spending their weekend volunteering to coordinate the registration and staying until the end to help with clean up…just like the FCC potlucks, FCC picnics and auction.

            Gerry is a giver.  Her children Lauri and Frank are givers.  In so many ways they are the heart and soul of FCC.  I know they would do anything for anyone .  Gerry has a smile for every child, every day.  Thank you Gerry for everything.  Congratulations on a much deserved retirement.

            So how do we celebrate when we cannot gather all the people who will want to say farewell? 

 Gerry has agreed to do a “Drive By…Good-Bye” as a way to honor her years of service for FCC!

She decided on next Thursday, the 23rd of July from 4:30-6:30.

The Fauntleroy Church across the street is willing to let us use their parking lot.  There is easy entrance and exit with the circular drive they have.  We would ask people drive into the church lot, have Gerry basically at the top of that “U”, near the entry to the woods from the lower parking lot, and then people could drive right out.  This is something Gerry feels comfortable with, that would be safe, outdoors and allow people to pass her a card or any thoughts through their car windows.  It is nowhere near a cake and champagne celebration but I think this is what feels the best and most practical given the times.

We would like to encourage people to send any cards, memories or thoughts that they, or their children have, to the Children’s Center, if they cannot make the “Drive by…Good-bye” event. 

Thanks so much for your help spreading the word and we hope to see you then.

Kim Sheridan
Fauntleroy Children’s Center